Non-standard channels

Binary packages can have different labels, the default one being main. Sometimes binaries are labeled with dev (e.g., newer versions which are pending certain tests), which makes them invisible from your anaconda client, unless you explicitly add the corresponding channel to that label, to your configuration:

$ conda config --add channels

Beware: means that when you update or install binaries, you may pickup a newer version of a package, which has not been tested and put in "production" yet. A safer way to grab a binary from such a non-standard channel is to rather use directly:

conda install -c <package>

This will just pick up the dev labeled version of that particular <package>, without adding it to your conda configuration. Upon request, we build binaries with updated versions of ROOT and Python and temporarily put them in the dev channel, until properly tested. For example, ROOT 6.06 has new support for jupyter notebooks, or use JSROOT to implement ROOT graphics for web browsers. Currently in the dev channel we provide:

Python 2.7 / 6.05 / 6.06 3.4 / 6.05 / 6.06 3.5 / 6.0 6

The server can be tested with:

serv = new THttpServer("http:8080");

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