Build Status

Travis-CI is the most convenient way to automate the builds for both Linux and OSX, but sadly, it currently has restrictions on the build time, which do not allow us to build ROOT. ROOT6 especially, depending on the number of features you need enabled, can take more than 90 minutes to build and upload, even with the most barebones configuration!

Once this is alleviated, we already have the scripts and tests in place to make this happen. See the current configuration. It is setup to build the entire Python{2.7,3.4}/ROOT{5,6} matrix for both Linux and OSX. We currently use it only for testing the sanity of existing ROOT conda builds (because of the above restrictions), however adding these two lines:

  - CONDA_PY=${PYTHON} conda build ./root${ROOT}
  - anaconda -t $BINSTAR_TOKEN upload --channel dev --force /Users/travis/miniconda/conda-bld/osx-64/root-$ROOT*.tar.bz2

would make it possible to build and upload ROOT conda packages in a continuous manner in the future.

For now, please head to our JenkinsCI section.

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