Publishing Scientific Results

Ready-to-go demos

For many projects, we will prepare attractive demos. We want to be able to show a working demo at any moment in time. Therefore, we want to have special branches in git that contain fully stand-alone demos, including a slide deck, that can just be checked out and used directly.

Handling datasets and results

Assuming you have only the software in a (private) git repo, you might want to also add and share with others the data and results related to that software:

Citing datasets, software and results

  • Make a Zenodo account and link it with your github account as explained on
  • Make a release in github.
  • Zenodo automatically tracks the release and generates a unique DOI.
  • Use the DOI for citing your software/data/results.
  • A badge can be added to the README reflecting the DOI of the latest release

Available archival / preprint servers or services